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Check List for Infant Baptism



Consider inviting family and friends to participate in the special day.

Provide directions to the church.

Decide if hosting a Baptismal party celebration after worship is desirable and make arrangements accordingly.

Choose Godparents, if desired.

The role of the Godparent is to make sure the child grows up in the church and that Baptismal promises are honored in the event that parent(s) are unable to fulfill these responsibilities.

Decide if a special outfit will be worn by the child for the Baptism. While optional, the traditional color of the outfit is white to symbolize the new life one receives from God.

Be prepared to bring a camera and film to church. While only non-flash pictures taken from one’s seat are permitted during worship, any desired pictures with pastors, family and friends may be taken after the service.

Gather together items of comfort for your child to bring along to the church such as a blanket, pacifier, stuffed animal, etc.

Arrive at the church thirty minutes before worship and see the Pastor in his/her office for final details.

Sit in the reserved area in the Sanctuary.

Following the service, remember to take the Baptismal napkin, certificate, candle and banner with you.

Pray daily for your child’s spiritual growth

We look forward to seeing you and your child in Sunday School and Worship.



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