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In 2007 in recognition of the 35th anniversary of the ordination of its pastor, David L. Ritterpusch, the people of Advent chose to honor him with a scholarship fund in his name.

This fund is intended for the education of the children of Lutheran pastors and evangelists of our companion congregation at Ipinda in the Konde Diocese of Tanzania, Africa.

Education in Tanzania is very expensive. Public and private schools require tuition as well as testing for entrance into secondary education. Beginning with the equivalent of our 7th grade, parents must pay the entire cost of their children’s education. School fees are approximately $350 per child per year.

For pastors in the Diocese whose monthly salary is in the neighborhood of $50, this is a heavy burden. Most pastors not only have several birth children to support, but often care for other children whose parents are seriously ill or deceased due to diseases like AIDS.

The Ritterpusch Scholarship Fund will assist those who would be unable to further their studies, it offers a bright future to those who would otherwise have none, and it helps individuals and collectively, the nation to move beyond the cycle of poverty

Scholarship Recipient – Dewith Mwaikonyole

Pastor Daudi A. Mwaikonyole of the Konde Diocese has three children enrolled in secondary schools. The youngest, Dewith, is our Ritterpusch Scholarship recipient. He is excited for this opportunity and his father reports that he is doing well and “his performance is convincing.”

Because of our scholarship to Dewith and other support for his older brother, Israel, and sister, Werna, all three youth enjoy the blessing of receiving a high school education. They will become employable for many good jobs in Tanzania and have the opportunity to continue their studies at a university.

We feel called to support as many students in Tanzania as we can through
the Ritterpusch Scholarship Fund. For every $10,000 received in donations for our scholarship endowment, we are able to continuously support one student’s tuition, uniforms, and school supplies for a year.



To join us in this mission, please download the scholarship form and include it along with your tax-deductible contribution.

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